Newest Judge for Syracuse Startup Weekend 3.0


Meet Alexandra Kostakis. Alexandra is the Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurial Practice at Syracuse Universities Whitman School of Management.

Alexandra is also the CEO of the European Driving Academy. The EDA is a high-performance driving school based in Syracuse, NY. EDA specializes in teaching students all levels of car control. The mission is to enable YOU to experience the true joy of driving. With a combined 30-year European rally racing experience plus their passion for driving is the foundation for providing you the best customized driving instruction. EDA’s President and head instructor is Greek Rally Legend Takis Skaltsas , a 7-time national champion that has raced in 18 Rally Acropolis.

Prior to joining the Whitman faculty, Alexandra was the CEO of The Student Storage Company, Inc. for 12 years and Vice President of Hellinis Imports Company, Inc. since 1999. She co-founded and operated both companies which provide ample real-life experiences for the classroom. She still operates Hellinis Imports and has founded another venture, European Driving Academy, Inc. She likes to inspire and encourage young people to consider life as an entrepreneur. She currently teaches Introduction to Entrepreneurship and Strategic Entrepreneurial Management.