#swCuse Teams – Pitching Order


Teams hustling the weekend away

iMusic – touch-screen digital music stand with auto-page turning

Chase My Racer – Mobile app for race spectators. Find where your racer is on the course!

TrustmyRental.com – Reinventing the way students house hunt. Join our network and build your Trust Factor now!

Vinozo.com – Social Tracking of Wine

You Dream It – Connecting those with ideas to people who can build them

HoT ToTs – sensor patch for monitoring and wirelessly alerting caretakers to an infants fever

You Should Date Me – Leveraging data through social connections to eliminate creepiness in online dating

Spinal Tap – Giving Doctors a better way to save lives

Artwork Evolution – Building creative apps for iPhone and iPad as a white label custom development firm

PictoNet – Family Social Media Business that uses a photo scanning business model as a “hook” to acquire its user base

Special Menu – Dining specials based on geolocation

Top Shelf – A convenient way to consolidate and view your favorite websites in one click

PHIT – Aggregate personal health data to provide meaningful information to individuals and organizations

DogLogging – Mobile app for tracking a Dog’s health and activity

Hyper Jobz – Microjob marketplace for student work

StatusQ – a mobile app enabling users to monitor wait times at local restaurants

GoPartyStarter.com – Kickstarter for parties